Zirocco Blue VDL x Rebel II Z
Stallion, 2012

Approved Stud
KWPN (2017) / Zangersheide (2015)

Heineken VK is a promising stallion, who shows a lot of potential in show jumping. He is officially approved as a stud by Zangersheide in 2015. In 2017 he's also approved by KWPN. We are very proud of his accomplishments so far! He got really good grades at the KWPN stud show, he even scored a 9 out of 10 for his reflexes. Heineken VK already has several descendants, three of which are still with us at Stoeterij van Kleef.

With a father like Zirocco Blue from a pedigree packed with sport genes, Heineken VK is the complete package. Zirroco Blue is a mighty stallion, who combines the best of Dutch horses and the best of French horses. With Jur Vrieling, this horse proved to be top class. His descendants such as Durango VDL (Lennard de Boer, now Tina Yates), Deep Blue Bridge (Sven Fehnl), Dazermie (Emil Hallundbaek), Dirocco D (Darragh Kenny) and many more, are making it to the world top as well. Grandfather Rebel II Z was not only a very valuable stud himself, but also a full brother of the legendary Ratina Z. Marking studs like Ramiro, Jasper and Farn, form the basis of Heineken VK's pedigree.

The damline of Heineken VK is also a dream come true; his mother (Regina Adelheid Z) jumped 1.35m in competition and got herself several certificates. Her well-known son Regino (Animo) got to 1.60m-level in show jumping with Camilla Enemark as his rider. He was also officially approved as a stud by KWPN and Zangersheide. Regina Adelheid Z also delivered Alme Adelheid Z (1.50m show jumping) of Beatrice Monteleone. Heineken VK VDL's grandmother Jasperina, jumped 1.50m and also his greatgrandmother Gracina was performing in show jumping at 1.40m level. So it's no surprise that Heineken VK VDL is doing so well in show jumping. As a 4-year-old, Heineken VK VDL already made quite the impression with his unlimited strength at the Isah Cup. His way of jumping was not unnoticed and he got himself a ticket to the KWPN stallions approvals.